WWE 2K17 Features Wishlist And New Ideas

There are many features that needs a bit of fine tuning and also addition of some new features that are missing in the current WWE 2K16. We can certainly hope that the upcoming WWE 2K17 version will be rock solid with all quality features loaded in it. Let us look at the wishlist features that we would love to see in WWE 2K17. They are as follows:

WWE 2K17 Features Wishlist

WWE 2K17 Features Wishlist:


If everybody on the active roster is in the game, it will be amazing. Whether it be NXT, the new additions or John Cena. With Kurt Angle’s contract in TNA expiring an he isn’t planning on resigning anytime now, it’s the ideal time to grab him for a guest appearance. This would certainly get them large pre-orders. This would be something that would definitely enhance the excitement level of the upcoming game.


There should be more number of moves for each player, which will bring the best out of a certain player. Kane and Undertaker had their very own rebound boots that were very similar to the ones they performed on television. Austin’s rebounding elbow drop and Lou thez press needs to be combined into a single move.That would pretty much make it realistic.


There can be a way to break the Hell in a cell with a spear or any other move to make it more realistic. The ability to fight in the crowd will work wonders as well as doing moves with a chair or additionally standing on top of the table and jumping from there directly towards your opponent.


There should be an option for creating your own commentary. Where you can choose what language they will speak in and who will be the commentators. Not just repeated words, in such a way that it doesn’t look like a plain jane recording commentary.


This certainly needs to be optional. When you choose the option of respect/disrespect, this should not only continue till the ring but outside of it too. For example, his behaviour pattern shouldn’t change once he’s out of the ring and facing a particular opponent. If he doesn’t like shaking hands with a certain opponent in the ring, he shouldn’t do so outside of it too.


We aren’t allowed to create one in the current version and this needs to be changed. We should be atleast given the opportunity to create storyline’s for our own superstars. We should be provided with many options in our storyline. For example: Sense of humor, being able to time our attacks, edit the chanting of fans, hearing the voices of their rivals talking in the nearby room. These would brighten up the game a lot.


While creating a finisher, you should have the option to pick how much power included in your finisher and that just doesn’t include speed but power as well to your finisher. You should be able to choose between other taunts and your own taunts in your finisher to make it entertaining. Nobody wants their finisher to be of less power or of no use. A good finisher with additional features is a must for the next version of WWE 2K17.


There should be an option of speaking your own words via typing them. This should be accurate and not just speak anything that doesn’t make sense. Abusive content can be restricted though. This feature will give a new dimension to the game and definitely a air to it. Who wouldn’t like hearing their own words spoken by the character in a particular match. Hopefully, this would make it very interesting.


This sounds really good and this feature should definitely be on the cards of WWE 2K17. A feature in which you are given the option to create a promo or ad for the return of a particular superstar or legend. That includes having a talk show with the particular legend or superstar of how he plans to make an entry in WWE. This is something new and hopefully the makers of WWE 2K17 adds this feature of creating a promo as well as a talk show.

So to all die hard WWE fans, we would also like to hear your ideas & suggestions on WWE 2K17. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the below comment box.