WWE 2K17 Cover Ideas – Who Should Be On The Cover?

It is very much expected that WWE 2K17 must be already in development and just like every year will release in Q4 2016. Stone Cold Steve Austin got to be the cover of the 2K16 version, who could be in WWE 2K17? Let us look at the 10 superstars that could be a great choice for being in the cover of WWE 2K17.

WWE 2K17 Cover Ideas

WWE 2K17 Cover Ideas:


The Undertaker is very well known for his famous streak of 21 continuous victories at the WrestleMania, a record that is hard to break. He tasted his first loss at WrestleMania XXX in the hands of Brock Lesnar. An absolute Legend and was also the winner of the 2007 edition of the Royal Rumble. The Undertaker is an eight time world champion and has cultivated a legacy in WWE. He is definitely one of the best wrestlers in WWE History.


He is one of the most popular figures on WWE, especially among kids. John Cena has already featured in the cover of WWE 2K15 and definitely will be a good choice if he makes it up in the WWE 2K17 version as well. He has many titles to his name and they are in the form of World Heavyweight Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, United States Champion, 2012 Money in the bank winner etc. His famous move of attitude adjustment is a famous trademark of John Cena. He is an icon for everybody that follows WWE.


Shawn Michaels wrestled in WWE till the year 2010, his first retirement though was in 1998. Shawn Michaels has been a role model for many people and did form a deadly combination with Triple H. He is a four time world champion, former heavyweight champion, three time WWF champion and also a two time winner of Royal Rumble. He was one of the most athletic and inspiring superstar, he raised the bar in WWE with his own standards.


He is known to be the biggest superstar in WWE. A wrestler with his own style and charisma, he has around 17 championship reigns in the WWE and that includes 10 time world champion, WCW Championship twice, Intercontinental Championship twice and 5 times the WWF Tag Team Championship. He also did win the Royal Rumble in 2000. The Rock is certainly a crowd favorite.


Triple H is known for his fearful entry and a wrestler who made life difficult for his opponents. In the WWE, he had a total of 23 titles, 8 WWE Championships, 5-time World Heavyweight Champion and also the winner of the 2002 edition of the Royal Rumble.  A player that could certainly make the cut for the cover of WWE 2K17.


Bret Hart is also known as the Hit Man. A crowd favorite and has been an absolute legend in WWE. Bret Hart is a seven time world champion, five-time WWF Champion, two time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Spent more time as a WWF Champion as compared to any other player and the first WCW World Heavyweight Champion born outside America.


He is a complete superstar with his famous attacking move, Sphere. His career was filled with a lot of controversies and yet he made a name for himself. In the WWE, he won a total of 31 championships and that includes, World Heavyweight championship of around seven times, WWE World Championship four times, Intercontinental championship and about fourteen World Tag Team Championships. He was also the first winner of the Money in the Bank match in the 2005 and won a dramatic Royal Rumble in 2010, while returning from injury.


He is always mentioned as the Legend Killer or the Venom.  Randy Orton has a successful career in WWE with 12 World Champion Titles. At 24, he was the youngest player to hold the World Heavyweight Championship. He had even formed alliance with Edge to win the World Tag Team Championship. His move RKO is something deadly and can create all sorts of problems for his opponents. In 2008, Randy Orton formed a group with Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes.  A current icon of the game and certainly could make the cut for the cover of WWE 2K17.


Brock Lesnar has four World Heavyweight championship titles to his name. A powerful  wrestler who even gave a tough fight to Goldberg. After making a debut in 2002, he won three separate occasions of WWE Championship against the Rock and Kurt Angle. He had won his first WWE Championship at the age of 25 and that was just 5 months after his Debut in WWE. Brock Lesnar also won the Royal Rumble in 2003, for some reasons he left WWE for a different career.  He has again returned to the WWE with his own aura and style.


CM Punk is known for his sharp talks against his opponents and has certainly defeated many legends and icons of the game.  Known as the longest reigning Champion of the WWE and he held it for about 434 days. He has won numerous titles in WWE and that includes, ECW Championship, 3 time World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WWE Champion, World Tag Team winner with Kofi Kingston and Intercontinental champion. He has this record of winning the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2009 and 2009 and is the only player to do so.

So tell us in comments who do you think should be on the cover of WWE 2K17?