Joey Styles Want To Be Part Of WWE 2K17

Each feature revelation of WWE 2K17 will be taking the game further to the advancement; besides increasing the excitement of 2K fans. It is now expected that Joey Styles may be part of WWE 2K17 game. This is disclose by Joey Styles himself in his tweet.

Joey Styles Is Hoping To Be A Part Of WWE 2K17

Joey Styles tweeted:

In the previous version of the game, he was used as a commentator only for one match in a 2K showcase mode where Stone Cold Steve Austin was a featured wrestler. That match was dedicated to the young Steve Austin wrestling in ECW long before he turned into the favorite superstar.

Only for that particular match Joey Styles was picked as a commentator by WWE 2K teams, since that mode, especially that match and Joey’s commentary, received huge, spectacular response from fans all over the world, 2K teams decided to augment the role of Joey Styles in the coming WWE 2K17 game. Regarding the same Joey publicly shared the news on his social media. He is having a full hope that in WWE 2K17 his part will be expanded. But as he is more related to ECW, expanding the ECW content appears the only way to enlarge his presence. However, nothing can be said exactly what 2K developers are planning for him. But things are little complex since Joey does not work actively on the stage of WWE anymore, nor even he commentates, he merely works behind the stage and manages website and social media account. Thus it seems difficult to direct his role.

Adding him as an additional commentator may be the appropriate decision where people have choices to opt for their favorite commentators among many for any specific match. So far the main commentators of WWE 2K16 were Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry “The King” Lawler. It doesn’t seem they will replace any other commentator with Joey, however in case they do, they should never even think to touch the pair of Lawler and Jim Ross since both of them are the most favorite of every wrestling fan. Don’t you like them?

Thus far officials details of WWE 2K17 have not much revealed about the game, but it is expected to be released at mid or end quarter of this year.