Is Goldberg Making A Comeback In WWE 2K17?

For the fans awaiting the latest news on WWE 2K17, many exciting speculations are on the line. While Kery King, Low Ki and TJ Perkins have already confirmed their participation in motion capture work for WWE 2K17, speculations are still on for the Bill Goldberg’s possible comeback in the forthcoming WWE event.

Is Goldberg Making A Comeback In WWE 2K17

The speculation started as the semi-retired professional replied to a tweet by a fan about his possible participation in WWE 2K17. He teased that he has heard a rumour of possible ongoing negotiations with 2K for his role in 2K17 and possible comeback.

As Cage Side Seats has noted Golberg’s remark could possibly indicate future participations in WWE events including retirement matches or even a possible induction in the Hall of Fame. This is because similar tactics were previously employed by Ultimate Warrior and Sting.

Goldberg was a playable wrestler in WWE 2K16 list. So his comeback to WWE 2K17 would not be a big deal. Although Goldberg has often stated he does not want a comeback but he has also remarked that he wants his son to see him wrestle. Whether or not the 12-year old wrestler is going to come back is still a mystery but would not be so very long.

Meanwhile, The participation of the Four Horsewomen of NXT – Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and Diva’s Champion Charlotte alongwith possible inclusion of debut wrestler AJ Styles has also been suggested by the BitBag. Styles made his debut in WWE through this year’s Royal rumble and is not in 2K16 as announced by WWE.

Source – Cage Side Seats, BitBag