Bill Goldberg As Pre-Order Bonus For WWE 2K17

2K has announced the comeback of its annual wrestling sim franchise this year and fans can give their pre-orders for the same and secure their chances to play with Bill Goldberg, the superstar comeback wrestler.

Bill Goldberg As Pre-Order Bonus For WWE 2K17

Goldberg had returned to the wrestling fore last year in 2015, about 11 years after announcing his retirement in 2004. The upcoming WWE 2K17 will act as a tribute to the his magnificent career in WWF and WCW.

Pre-ordering will make the fans eligible for corrigible digital codes for two Goldberg characters representing his share at WWF and WCW. The players will also receive two playable arenas derived from WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc.

While taking into account Goldberg’s return as the featuring event, 2K’s marketing vice-president Chris Snyder remarked “Goldberg’s return to WWE action through two WWE 2K17 playable characters, along with the WCW Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas, collectively delivers a unique opportunity to experience one of WWE’s true living legends.” Further he said, “Fans can now relive many of their favorite Goldberg moments, as well as create brand new ones, as they decide ‘Who’s Next?’ in the virtual ring.”
One of the released trailers also mentions “Suplex City” that suggests the Brock Lesnar to appear in the game.

The Publisher 2K also announced that development duties would be handled again by the Japanese Yuke’s Studio for the current year’s installment.The studio is already credited with producing the vantage point in 2011 WWE 2K12 release and in also several bouts of SmackDown vs Raw series. It is worth remembering at that time Publisher THQ who had gone bankrupt were taken over by 2K in the year 2012 but Yuke’s has been maintained as the developer for renamed 2K14.

Besides the above little is known about the roster and the gameplay uptil now. And its still not known whether Goldberg’s parody player Gilberg would make an appearance or not. XBox One, Playstation 3, XBox 360, Playstation 4 will be launched for WWE 2K17 in October this year.